- What are your reception (opening/closing) hours?
Our reception opens at 9.00am and closes at 11:00pm daily including weekends. We also provide Early/Late check in if you inform us in advance. Please Email to : Austinlyh@hotmail.com

- Can i pay by credit card?
Not at the moment. We accept cash (in local currency) upon check-in for payment.

- Can I smoke or drink in the hostel?
No, this is a NO SMOKING hostel. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hostel. Drinking is allowed provided behaviour is ORDERLY and NO other guests complain.

- Can i bring visitors to the hostel?
No, for security reasons, only registered guests are allowed in.

- Do I need to bring my own soap, shampoo, etc?

- Can i print / scan / fax?
Yes, we provide these services at the reception.

- Are there electrical sockets in the rooms?
Yes, there are a standard british 240V sockets.

- Is there a laundry for washing clothes?
Laundry Service .00 per wash/dry but limited to 15pcs. with for extra 5pcs or part thereof.

- What items are prohibited?
The use of appliances such as mini cookers and flame based ones are expressly forbidden.

-Are pets or bicycles allowed in the hostel? Is there a gym?
Sorry, No pets or bicycles allowed. No gyms.

- Are there electric razor sockets in the toilets? Dryers?
No and no.

- How big are the beds? Lockers?
Standard 6 ft 4 inch x 3 ft, metal bunk beds with 4-5 inch mattress with quilt / pillow. Lockers are 15" in width and about 18" deep, they are about approx 36" in height.

- What about Luggage storage?
For early arrivals, you may store your luggage with us until check-in time. You may also store your luggage with us after you check out and come back in the evening for collection.

- What happens if i lose my locker key?
$10 will be charged for the loss of keys.

- Can i cook in the hostel?
Due to fire hazard concerns, open cooking is not allowed. However, boiling of water is allowed. Use of microwave is also free.